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Tauranga Concrete Services

Services we provide to our clients
Platinum Concrete Services

Our range of concrete and landscaping services have you covered from the door to the mailbox, put the kettle on and leave the outside to us. Our onsite quotes are easy, flexible and free!

Platinum Concrete is a contracting provider that offers an impressive range of services and expertise to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, allowing us to be the go-to, one stop shop for all Foundation, Concrete, Retaining and Landscaping services.

Earthworks and Landscaping

We provide small to medium earth working and landscaping services all over the Bay. From ground trimming to tree and root removal we can get your lawn looking stunning or prepare grounds for new concrete and paving placement. We work alongside trusted and reputable industry partner to combat larger scaled works when required.

– Bobcat works
– Lawn resurfacing
– Subgrade and ground works
– Surface drainage
– Small and medium scale digger works

Concrete Demolition

When it’s time to clean up and renovate older properties you often find that older concrete has seen its days, or it just wasn’t placed right to begin with and it’s time to go. We can help you remove that old concrete or do the complete project for you. We can cut, remove, and dispose old concrete. We at Platinum Concrete understand environmental impact and we will look for environmentally friendly solutions for waste concrete before other options. Old concrete can often be recycled and avoid the landfill and we’re all about protecting and nourishing our environments where possible.

– Concrete cutting
– Concrete removal
– Concrete disposal

Formwork and Preparation

Forming and preparing for concrete placement is all part of the concrete industry. Our team is skilled in formwork, preparation, steel fixing, and understanding architectural specifications. We supply and fix steel reinforcing right here in the Bay of Plenty. Talk to our team today to find out more.

– Steel reinforcing & steel fixing
– Concrete formwork
– Ribraft & shed flooring
– Ground and subgrade preparation
– Foundation preparation

Concrete Placing

Our team of concrete masters do concrete best! Our team of placers know the concrete better than any other. Our skilled team are proficient in all major concrete finishings from exposed aggregate to smooth house flooring. Knowing the weather is another concrete master’s skill to go hand in hand with knowing when concrete has reached a desired strength in which it is ready for a certain type of finishing. Let us take the guess work off your hands and get it done professionally and efficiently.

– Concrete placing and finishing
– Maintenance acid washing
– Specialty finishes (Aggregate exposure and resurfacing)
– Contract labour

Concrete Cutting

If your concrete has just been placed it needs to be cut. Concrete expands and contracts with temperature and without expansion control joints or cuts your beautiful new concrete is subject to major cracking. Knowing when to cut freshly laid concrete is important too. If its expansion control cutting or demolition cutting you require, we have you covered in many aspects of concrete cutting. Covering the wider Bay of Plenty. Contact our team to discuss more on concrete cutting.

– Expansion control cutting
– Demolition cutting
– Flush cutting
– Rebate cutting
– Surface grinding

Concrete Disposal

Concrete has a large carbon footprint, and we like to do as much as we can to protect our environment, which means we look for the most environmentally friendly option when disposing of concrete and other waste materials. Concrete can often be recycled. We are lucky to have material plants in the Bay of Plenty that recycle materials such as concrete. The concrete is crushed into a stone-like mixture which then can be reused as subgrade material.

– Concrete disposal
– Material cartage
– Subgrade and fill recycling
– Green waste disposal

Decorative Concrete Innovations

Concrete innovations have advanced with time and it’s no longer a flat white concrete driveway for all. Decorative concrete is not so much a new era but a more popular option. Not only does it last the test of time there is so many options that you never have to have the same driveway as anyone on your street ever again. Decorative concrete can be as simple as a coloured concrete or stepping up to exposed pebble stones with additives. The options are endless with a huge variety of colours, finishes, additives, and sealants. We carry a full set of coloured samples along with tinted sealants which can be used to freshen an existing driveway. Contact our team to discuss your options and aesthetic requirements.

– Stamped concrete
– Coloured concrete
– Exposed aggregate and additives
– Specialty finishes

Concrete Sealing

Sealing your concrete can prolong the life of your concrete and take your coloured concrete to a whole new level of stunning. We recommend sealing newly placed outdoor concrete for many reasons. The Bay of Plenty has beautifully hot weather and it shows on the concrete over time. Sealing helps to protect your investment, prolong the life of your concrete, and reduce the maintenance required looking after your concrete. Tinted sealants are available in a variety of shades. Tinted sealer can be used to revive or refreshen older concrete which isn’t quite ready for removal and replacement or to keep within budget when renovating and refreshing your property. Sealants can be used to add extra grip to surfaces should you require resurfacing in slippery areas.

– Sealing and Tinted Sealants
– Sealant resurfacing

Concrete Curbing

Looking for curbing? So is everyone else. There’s a shortage of curbies in the Bay of Plenty and we do our best to help fill the void. We take on a variety of curbing projects. Contact us to discuss you’re your curbing requirements.

– Residential curbing
– Commercial Curbing


We have been involved in various developments Bay of Plenty wide delivering beautiful floors and driveways to happy new homeowners, we love to see the growth within our community and are happy to be a part of it.

– Subdivision developments
– Council pathways and roading

Environmental Protection

The environment is important to us and on top of our duty as concrete contractors we do our best to nourish and protect nature and its beauty. We ensure our concrete dust, slurry and waste is controlled and contained where required and in the best interests of our clients, pets, surrounding residents, nature and wildlife.

– Slurry and chemical containment and control
– Slurry and chemical disposal
– Safe chemical storage and handling practises