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Decorative cuts can be placed anywhere and can be executed at any time, even months later.

Decorative Concrete Cutting

Cutting is essential to control cracking, all newly poured concrete need to be cut in some way or form, at Platinum Concrete will will not pour any concrete that is not going to be adequately cut to control shrinkage that causing cracking. Whether we at Platinum Concrete undertake the cutting ourselves or whether our client prefers to cut themselves or engage a different subcontractor, cutting is essential to concrete placement.

Further to control joint cutting we have decorative concrete cutting. This is a visual aspect of concrete cutting, aimed to improve aesthetics and achieve our clients desired look.

Decorative cuts can be placed anywhere and can be executed at any time, even months later. The concrete must be of sufficient strength (10 – 20 days post pour) to ensure a clean cut, if the concrete is too soft, a jagged edge can result. Similarly, if continuous cuts are required through multiple rooms, cutting must be conducted prior to framing.

Decorative Cuts are typically 9 – 13 mm wide, and only penetrate the concrete 10 – 15 mm. If Decorative Cuts are being employed, they are also applied over the Construction Cuts, to make all cuts the same in appearance. These wider cuts give more of a tile or flagstone look and are much easier to grout than control or construction cuts alone.

Decorative cuts can be placed anywhere and can be executed at any time, even months later.

Grouting Decorative Cuts

The cuts are filled with a coloured grout to complete the look. To finish the pattern, the cuts are filled with our special concrete grout.

This grout can be coloured using any PeterFell colour. Commonly people choose to have the grout the same colour as the concrete. As the grout is slightly darker than concrete, the colour will have a slight tonal difference, giving a subtle contrast to the pattern. The surface of the grout may be flush with the surface or slightly concave. It’s all about the look you want to create.

Where do the decorative cuts go?

These can be placed anywhere in the concrete and can be made at any time. We do recommend, however, that you make Decorative Cuts five to ten days after the concrete is laid. During this time the concrete will be strong enough to enable a clean cut face, and still be soft enough to make cutting easy. If the concrete is too soft there is an increased chance that aggregate can be dislodged during cutting, resulting in jagged cut edges.

If you want a continuous Decorative Cut pattern, ensure that cutting is complete before any framing or other physical obstructions are placed on the concrete. If such limitations exist, cuts can be made parallel to the framing (or obstacle) to generate a border.

Decorative Cuts are wider than Construction Cuts. They’re typically done with a 10 mm saw blade (generating 9-13 mm cut), and only penetrate 10-15 mm into the slab. The only limitation on the width and depth of the Decorative Cut is that they need to be able to be grouted, which is difficult if they are too thin or deep.

Decorative Cuts are placed over Construction Cuts to allow grouting, and to integrate the Construction Cuts into the decorative pattern. The placement of the Decorative Cuts is limited only by the Construction Cuts. Contact us for ideas on how you can incorporate Decorative Cuts into your space.

What size cuts can I have?

You can customise the size and shape of the cut pattern to create the look you want. The only limitation you want. Contact us for further advice on the use of decorative cuts.

Who does the cutting?

We do concrete cutting at Platinum Concrete. However, this can be done by any competent concrete cutter and and where the desired finish is not achievable through Platinum Concrete we use a select few highly skilled, competent and well known concrete cutters in the Bay of Plenty. Our subcontractors are a wealth of knowledge and we aim to provide the best services in all aspects of concrete. No matter who and what we are dealing with.

Contact us to find out more about decorative cutting. We service the Bay of Plenty and are always open to have a discussion about all things concrete, after all we are all about concrete and we are all about the best customer service, providing quality concrete service all over Tauranga. We know our stuff and we’re ready to share our knowledge with you. Find out more by contacting us today. Our Quotes are free with absolutely no obligations.